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The Adeptus Formula©

Your Strategy + Deliberate Practice
= Desired Outcomes

"Practice Makes Perfect"

Is only true when we make practice deliberate.

Deliberate practice makes it permanent.

How we do
what we do.

Tuning Your Ecosystem

The Adeptus Group helps you grow & tune your learning ecosystem. 

Deliberate practice across the enterprise will evolve your status quo. 

Adeptus Group will help you enable the needed strategic capabilities.


With deliberate practice, the goal is not just to reach your potential but to build it, to make things possible that were not possible before.

Anders Ericsson

Why we do
what we do.

Our Mission

To level up your team by implementing models that improve value to your customer and teams. 

Your team can improve through deliberate practice. 

Deliberate practice is the critical capability that evolves your status quo.

This is the From Tactical to Practical© approach.

TAG Organizational Capability Enablement

Unlock your company's full potential.  Let us tailor the plan to enhance your capabilities so that you stay ahead of the competition. Your people and culture can evolve. Our process improvement & commitment to quality will guide you to unlock the potential of your business and reach new heights of success. 

Change management refers to the processes, tools, and techniques used to manage the change process in an organization. The goal of change management is to minimize resistance and disruption while maximizing the benefits of change and ensuring its successful implementation.

Change Management

Organizational design refers to the deliberate alignment of an organization's structure, systems, processes, and culture to meet its objectives and support its strategy. It involves making decisions about the roles, responsibilities, and relationships within the organization, as well as the ways in which work is organized and performed.

Organizational Design

Facilitated deliberate cultural change refers to the process of intentionally and proactively changing the culture of an organization to align it with the organization's strategy and goals. This type of cultural change is typically led by a dedicated team or individual, and involves a deliberate, step-by-step process of engagement and education to help employees understand and embrace the desired cultural shifts.

Facilitated Cultural Change

Psychological safety refers to team members' shared belief that taking interpersonal risks within the team is safe. In other words, it is the perception that one will not be punished or humiliated for speaking up, offering new ideas, or making mistakes. Psychological safety is considered a critical factor in creating high-performing teams, as it allows team members to feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and ideas and to take risks without fear of retaliation.

Psychological Safety

Purpose focus refers to aligning an organization's strategy, culture, and operations around a clear and meaningful purpose or mission. It is a way for organizations to anchor themselves in a higher cause and to create a shared sense of direction and meaning for employees, customers, and other stakeholders.

Purpose Focus

Strategy is an organization's plan for achieving its goals and objectives. It defines an organization's overall approach and direction and provides a framework for decision-making and resource allocation. 

Strategy Defintion

Business agility refers to the ability of an organization to respond to changes in the business environment quickly and to continuously adapt and improve. Implementing business agility involves creating a culture, structure, and set of practices that support speed, flexibility, and adaptability.

Implementing Business Agility

Portfolio and value stream management at scale refers to the process of managing a large and complex set of projects, initiatives, and operations in a way that optimizes the value delivered to the organization and its stakeholders. This type of management typically involves the coordination and alignment of multiple teams, departments, and functions across the organization and requires a holistic, end-to-end view of the value streams and portfolios being managed.

Value Stream Management at Scale

A SAFe Gold Partner

Top Tier SAFe Consulting & Training

Our Top tier SAFe consulting is all about your enterprise transformation. Our coaches specialize in helping organizations implement the framework.  

If you are new to SAFe or in a currently failing SAFe implementation, our enterprise coaches can help.

From hard-won extensive experience and expertise, our top tier SAFe coaches can partner with you to implement SAFe in a tailored way that meets your specific needs and goals. 

Let us help you get the most value from this valuable framework.

SAFe at TaG