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Learn to scale with TAG

We are your Gold Transformation Partner

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Learn to scale with TAG

We are your Gold Transformation Partner

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SAFe is the #1 scaling framework

We can show you how

TAG is a proud Scaled Agile Gold SPCT Partner. 

We've trained thousands of students to leverage the Scaled Agile Framework. 

Our coaches are the best in the industry. 

Please find out more about our offerings. 

When it comes to SAFe transformation

Our customers call on us because of our:

Unparalleled Industry Expertise

We have successfully implemented SAFe in organizations from the startup to the Fortune 20.  TAG coaches have extensive experience in implementing SAFe in over 25 different industries. Our coaches bring expert guidance to you, applying the framework in a generative tailored way to solve your unique business needs.

Customized Implementation

From experience, we know that one size does not fit all. So our coaches work with you to develop customized SAFe implementation and training plans focused on business agility solutions that meet your strategic business objectives. Focusing in the right places at the appropriate times makes all the difference.

Comprehensive Support

Our sales, training and coaching teams are one and the same. From start to finish, you work with the same people that started the conversation. This allows us to provide unparalleled support throughout the entire SAFe adoption and implementation process. This ensures fidelity of understanding and direction throughout your journey so that your organization is fully equipped to succeed

Commitment to Relentless Improvement

We are committed to the relentless improvement of your processes and our own. We never stop learning, and neither will you. We provide unwavering support to help your organization evolve and adapt as quickly as your ecosystem allows the changes through continuous deliberate implementation.

Intensely Outcome Focused

Every step of our engagement is in intense service to you and your strategic outcomes. Each step is designed to deliver measurable results grounded in increased organizational alignment & improved predictability, all of which result in faster time-to-market.

Courses offered by
The Adeptus Group

Get SAFe certified with TAG

TAG teaches all of the The Scaled Agile Framework courses.

Leading SAFe

Learn to lead a lean-agile enterprise

Lean Portfolio Management

Learn how to implement lean portfolio funding, agile portfolio operations and lean-agile governance

Implementing SAFe

Learn how to lead a lean-agile transformation

Agile Product Management

Learn agile mindset, skills, and tools to create successful products

SAFe for Architects

Learn how to collaboratively deliver architectural solutions in SAFe portfolio environments